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The wound is the place where the Light enters you.
Rumi  (via bellights)

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Amazing and eerie picture of a dead cougar in a river near the Rocky Mountains.

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This is the body of Dashi-Dorzho Itigilov, a buddhist monk of the tibetan tradition who died in the year 1927. Itigilov is best known for leaving behind a body supposedly “incorruptible”, being resistent to organic decay. 

Itigilov left a testament that he wanted to be buried exactly as he died, namely in a lotus posture. In his testament he also made clear that his body was to be exhumed after an unspecified number of years. In 1955, many years after his death, loyal monks exhumed his remains in secresy, in fear of persecution from the anti-religious communist authorities. The body was then accordingly not subject to decomposition. Another exhumation of the body was performed in 1973, with the same outcome. 

Finally in 2002 the body was exhumed once again and reportedly thoroughly examined by medical professionals, stating the condition of the body to be the apparent age of “no more than 36 hours”. 

To this day, buddhist monks show their reverence by shaking his hand, and some enthusiasts even believe that Itigilov never died, but is currently in a state of hibernation - perhaps having achieved the transcendent state of nirvana

That is terrifying.

thats beautiful 



Gaming Watercolors - Created by Geoff Pascual

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Rest, nature, books, music… such is my idea of happiness.
Leo Tolstoy  (via gentle-gaze)

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Amir bathing (by Tambako the Jaguar)

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Shelli Walters





Cattleya - 70cm x 70cm - Acrílico sobre tela / Acrilic on canvas. Wanderley Xavier Junior.


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